United Nations/North American Number Datasheet

ERG Guide 159 Datasheet (for unassigned UN/NA numbers)

Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG, 2020)

The Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) provides general response recommendations for first responders.

UN/NA datasheets display several items from the ERG: material names, response guide PDFs, initial isolation and protective action distances, warnings about toxic-by-inhalation gases that may be produced if the material spills in water, and polymerization hazards.

Material Names

  • CA
ERG book cover

Response Guide 159

link to a PDF file Substances (Irritating)


ERG Table 1: Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances

Name of Material Small Spills
(from a small package or small leak)
Large Spills
(from a large package or many small packages)
in all Directions
Then Protect Downwind First
in all Directions
Then Protect Downwind
Day Night Day Night
CA (when used as a weapon) 100 ft 0.1 mi 0.3 mi 300 ft 0.4 mi 1.6 mi

The ERG doesn't predict that large amounts of toxic-by-inhalation gases will be produced if this material is spilled in water.