Chemical Datasheet


Chemical Identifiers

CAS Number UN/NA Number DOT Hazard Label USCG CHRIS Code
  • 7732-18-5
none data unavailable none
NIOSH Pocket Guide International Chem Safety Card
none none
NFPA 704
data unavailable
General Description
A clear, nontoxic liquid composed of hydrogen and oxygen, essential for life and the most widely used solvent. Include water in a mixture to learn how it could react with other chemicals in the mixture.


Reactivity Alerts
Air & Water Reactions
No rapid reaction with air. No rapid reaction with water.
Fire Hazard
No information available.
Health Hazard
Water itself is nontoxic and is in fact essential for life. Solutes dissolved in water may be toxic, but those interactions are covered by the reactive groups that the solute belongs to.
Reactivity Profile
Water reacts with many substances, including but not limited to alkali metals, hydrides, strong halogenating agents, and chlorosilanes. These reactions can be hazardous and may result in flammable or toxic gas production, or generation of excessive heat that may cause pressurization to occur. Another reactive hazard is heat of mixing. Mixing substances such as sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide with water may generate significant heat. Additionally, water is a good solvent for polar molecules, so it can form aqueous solutions if it comes into contact with such molecules.
Belongs to the Following Reactive Group(s)
Potentially Incompatible Absorbents

No information available.

Response Recommendations

Isolation and Evacuation
No information available.
No information available.
Non-Fire Response
No information available.
Protective Clothing
No information available.
DuPont Tychem® Suit Fabrics
No information available.
First Aid
No information available.

Physical Properties

Chemical Formula:
  • H2O
Flash Point: data unavailable
Lower Explosive Limit (LEL): data unavailable
Upper Explosive Limit (UEL): data unavailable
Autoignition Temperature: data unavailable
Melting Point: 32°F
Vapor Pressure: data unavailable
Vapor Density (Relative to Air): data unavailable
Specific Gravity: 1
Boiling Point: 212°F at 760 mmHg
Molecular Weight: data unavailable
Water Solubility: data unavailable
Ionization Energy/Potential: data unavailable
IDLH: data unavailable

AEGLs (Acute Exposure Guideline Levels)

No AEGL information available.

ERPGs (Emergency Response Planning Guidelines)

No ERPG information available.

PACs (Protective Action Criteria)

No PAC information available.

Regulatory Information

EPA Consolidated List of Lists

No regulatory information available.

CISA Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

No regulatory information available.

OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard List

No regulatory information available.

Alternate Chemical Names